Bob's MIDI Sequences

Hymn-type MIDI Sequences (Titles O-S)

[Last Update: 30 December 2017]
These are hymn-type MIDI sequences that I have done. Some of these might not be strictly considered hymns, but I had to group them somewhere! Also note that Christmas-type songs are on a separate page. The approximate file size and playing time is shown for each. If you have the appropriate browser plug-in, you can just click on the link to play the song.
NOTE: These songs are for personal enjoyment only and are not for commercial use. You have my permission to use them in any non-commercial fashion as long as I am credited with the sequence, and in the case of original compositions, credited for that.

If you want to use any of these sequences, please download them rather than linking to them here, as these pages may be reorganized at any time.
Hymn-type MIDI sequences:
O Bless the Lord 20k, 3:14 O Bless the Lord - SATB 20k, 3:13
O Bread of Heaven 23k, 3:10 O Come and Mourn with Me Awhile 11k, 1:42
O Food to Pilgrims Given 15k, 1:45 O for a Faith 22k, 6:45
O for a Thousand Tongues to Sing 20k, 2:33 O God of Every Nation 20k, 3:03
O God, Our Help in Ages Past 12k, 1:49 O God, You Search Me 13k, 2:19
O Healing Light of Christ (C. Landry) 23k, 3:40 O, How I Love Jesus 14k, 2:03
O Lord, You're Beautiful 8k, 1:40 O Love That Wilt Not Let Me Go 12k, 2:07
O Magnify the Lord 88k, 3:00 O Queen of the Holy Rosary (DeCesare) 18k, 3:34
O Radiant Light (D. Haas) 13k, 1:52 O Sacred Head Now Wounded 11k, 2:34
O Sacred Head Surrounded 14k, 2:41 O Sanctissima (arr. Thatcher) 24k, 4:18
O Sons and Daughters, Let Us Sing 21k, 3:51 O Spirit of the Living God (Forest Green) 18k, 3:24
O the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus (Francis) 21k, 3:27 O the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus (Williams) 95k, 4:48
O When Shall I See Jesus 12k, 1:49 O Worship the King 15k, 2:09
Of the Father's Love Begotten 10k, 1:45 Oh, Bright Resurrection Morning *2 17k, 2:52
Oh, I Know the Lord's Laid His Hands on Me 24k, 2:49 The Old Rugged Cross 39k, 5:05
On Eagle's Wings (M. Joncas) 33k, 3:46 On Eagle's Wings (M. Joncas) - SATB 36k, 3:45
On That Eternal Shore *5 25k, 3:59 On This Day, O Beautiful Mother 19k, 3:43
Once to Every Man and Nation 12k, 2:21 One Bread, One Body (J. Foley) 18k, 5:55
One Day 60k, 3:56 One God, One People, One Voice 75k, 4:03
One Lord (S. Soper) 40k, 3:41 One Love Released 33k, 5:32
Only a Shadow/Isaiah 49 Medley (C. Landry) 28k, 4:15 Only God 83k, 4:39
Only in God 11k, 3:06 Only This I Want 14k, 4:10
Open My Eyes 8k, 1:43 Open the Gates of the Temple 28k, 3:59
Our Blessing Cup (B. Hurd) 22k, 4:18 Our Blessing Cup (M. Joncas) 20k, 3:43
Our Faith in God Alone 84k, 4:27 Our God Is Lifted Up 17k, 1:34
Our Help Is from the Lord 21k, 3:44 Our Welcome Song (R. Merrifield) 12k, 1:26
Out of Darkness (C. Walker) 36k, 3:04 Out of Darkness (C. Walker) - SATB 34k, 3:04
Out of Darkness (T. Kendzia) 28k, 4:28 Over My Head 26k, 2:56
Padre Nuestro 9k, 2:31 Pqag-ibig Mo, Ama (Filipino Hymn) 21k, 3:14
The Palms (J. Faure) 12k, 2:34 Papuri sa Diyos - SAB (Filipino Hymn) 61k, 5:34
Pan de Vida 26k, 4:16 Panis Angelicus 37k, 4:21
Parable 22k, 3:59 Pass Me Not, O Gentle Savior 21k, 3:05
Pass It On 11k, 2:05 Paul Planted 18k, 2:56
Peace [I Leave with You My Friends] (G. Norbet) 37k, 7:09 Peace (G. Norbet) - SATB 41k, 7:09
Peace I Give to You (R. Merrifield) 15k, 2:27 Peace Prayer (J. Foley) 33k, 7:12
Peace to Soothe Our Bitter Woes 7k, 1:33 The Pearly White City 9k, 2:14
Perfect Charity (D. Haas) 26k, 4:11 Perfect Charity (D. Haas) - SATB 27k, 4:08
Pie Jesu (A.L. Webber - "Requiem") 11k, 2:18 Pieta (T. Kendzia) 18k, 6:18
Pieta (T. Kendzia) - SATB 20k, 6:19 Play before the Lord (B. Dufford) 16k, 3:08
Please, O Father, Give Me Wisdom *4 30k, 5:35 The Power of Your Love 28k, 4:27
Praise His Name (M. Joncas) 31k, 2:57 Praise, My Soul, the King of Heaven 15k, 2:11
Praise the Lord (Cesar Franck) 49k, 8:11 Praise the Lord All Nations 10k, 1:58
Praise the Lord - Psalm 113 16k, 1:53 Praise to the Lord, the Almighty 12k, 1:46
Praise to the Lord, the Almighty - SATB 24k, 2:46 The Prayer 19k, 4:06
Prayer for Firefighters 13k, 1:47 The Prayer (with Lead Us Lord) 56k, 4:29
Prayer of St. Francis 12k, 1:54 Precious Lord 17k, 2:32
Press On 16k, 3:13 Psalm 118 - Give Thanks to the Lord 25k, 2:23
Psalm 118 - This Is the Day (M. Joncas) 23k, 2:26 Psalm 121 (Sorenson) 45k, 3:57
Psalm 128 - O Blessed Are Those 13k, 3:03 Psalm 22 - My God, My God 18k, 4:52
Psalm 23 (Brother James' Air) 19k, 3:18 Psalm 23 - The Lord Is My Shepherd (J Gustafson) 20k, 3:21
Psalm 25 - To You, O Lord (S. Soper) 13k, 2:58 Psalm 31 - We Put Our Trust in You *3 15k, 2:18
Psalm 33 - Lord, Let Your Mercy 16k, 2:36 Psalm 40 - Here I Am (R. Cooney) 30k, 4:52
Psalm 45 - The Queen Stands 15k, 2:51 Psalm 63 - My Soul Is Thirsting 27k, 5:54
Psalm 66 - Let All the Earth Cry Out 19k, 2:30 Psalm 80 - Lord, Make Us Turn to You 16k, 2:40
Psalm 83 - How Lovely 22k, 5:09 Psalm 96 - Response 10k, 2:42
Pure and Holy 11k, 2:31 Rain Down 30k, 4:11
Recessional March (Wedding) *1 32k, 2:22 Rejoice, the Lord Is King 12k, 1:45
Remember Your Mercy, Lord 25k, 4:54 Responsorial Psalm - Magnificat - Cheong 17k, 3:43
Responsorial - Psalm 45 - The Queen Stands 9k, 2:05 Responsorial Psalm - Judith 13:18 7k, 1:31
Responsorial Psalm - Luke 1 7k, 2:02 Responsorial Psalm - Psalm 103 10k, 2:28
Responsorial Psalm - Psalm 107 15k, 3:06 Responsorial Psalm - Psalm 113 12k, 2:57
Responsorial Psalm - Psalm 116 10k, 2:15 Responsorial Psalm - Psalm 116 - "Most Holy ..." 13k, 2:42
Responsorial Psalm - Psalm 137 12k, 2:41 Responsorial Psalm - Psalm 22 11k, 3:00
Responsorial Psalm - Psalm 32 10k, 2:36 Responsorial Psalm - Psalm 63 13k, 2:52
Responsorial Psalm - Psalm 72 16k, 3:18 Responsorial Psalm - Psalm 89 10k, 2:04
Responsorial Psalm - Psalm 98 11k, 2:53 Return to God 30k, 3:43
Return to Me (B. Hurd) 16k, 3:21 Rise, My Soul, and Stretch Thy Wings 17k, 1:55
The Risen One 34k, 3:50 River of Glory (D. Schutte) 36k, 4:33
River of Glory (D. Schutte) - SATB 37k, 4:32 Rock of Ages 17k, 2:24
Roll Away the Stone 20k, 3:14 Roll the Stone Away 27k, 4:13
Room at the Cross 17k, 3:16 Rooted and Grounded in Love 62k, 3:32
Sa Yo Lamang (Filipino Hymn) 31k, 4:32 Sacrament of Love (K. Keil) 38k, 6:25
Safe in His Presence *7 8k, 1:55 St. Louis Jesuits Mass - Christ Has Died 2k, 0:39
St. Louis Jesuits Mass - Doxology/Amen 5k, 1:02 St. Louis Jesuits Mass - Glory to God 25k, 4:29
St. Louis Jesuits Mass - Glory to God - SATB 27k, 4:29 St. Louis Jesuits Mass - Glory to God - SATB/Fl. 33k, 4:25
St. Louis Jesuits Mass - Holy, Holy, Holy 7k, 1:25 Salmo 23 - Filipino Psalm 23 32k, 3:52
Salmo 27 - Filipino Psalm 27 19k, 3:48 Salve Regina (E. Hontiveros - Filipino) 14k, 2:03
San Lorenzo Ruiz - Recessional (Filipino Hymn) 31k, 2:43 Sanlibong Buhay (Filipino Hymn) 27k, 4:37
The Secret of Contentment *6 16k, 2:25 See Us Lord, about Your Altar 15k, 2:25
Save Your People 20k, 5:01 Seed Scattered and Sown (D. Feiten) 37k, 4:00
Seek the Lord (R. O'Connor) 24k, 3:04 Seek the Lord (R. O'Connor) - SAB 24k, 3:01
Send Down the Fire 50k, 3:34 Servant Song (D. McGargil) 23k, 6:04
Servant Song (R. Gillard) 32k, 2:56 Shall We Gather at the River 15k, 2:16
Shelter Me, O God (B. Hurd) 17k, 3:01 Shepherd Me, O God (M. Haugen) - Psalm 23 19k, 5:15
Shepherd of My Heart (F. O'Brien) 28k, 4:23 Simple Thanks 32k, 3:15
Sing a New Song 33k, 2:39 Sing, O Sing (D. Schutte) 36k, 5:15
Sing of Mary 40k, 5:05 Sing of the Lord's Goodness 32k, 2:24
Sing Praise to God Who Reigns Above 21k, 2:48 Sing to the Lord 31k, 2:15
Slow Down (C. Girard) 15k, 3:23 So That Others Might Live (C. Landry) 48k, 5:18
So the Love of God (D. Schutte) 28k, 3:48 So the Love of God (D. Schutte) - SATB 30k, 3:52
Softly and Tenderly 30k, 3:51 Some Day He'll Make It Plain to Me 13k, 1:59
Song of Devotion (John N. Beck) 8k, 2:24 Song of Farewell (w/descant - E. Sands) 21k, 4:34
Song of Farewell (w/flute - E. Sands) 22k, 4:34 Song of Farewell (M. Joncas) 24k, 5:02
Song of Mary - SAB 37k, 4:35 Song of Moses 26k, 2:45
Song of Simeon 9k, 2:07 Song of the Body of Christ 30k, 4:39
Song of the Body of Christ - SAB 40k, 5:00 Song of the Transfiguration (D. Haas) 27k, 4:52
Soon and Very Soon 16k, 1:35 Soul of My Savior 11k, 2:00
Speak to My Soul 26k, 3:01 Spirit and Grace 36k, 4:52
Spirit of God, Descend upon My Heart 13k, 2:44 Spirit of the Living God 17k, 4:31
Spirit Song 12k, 2:15 St. Cecilia Mass - Sanctus (Gounod) 42k, 6:39
Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus 20k, 2:24 Steal away to Jesus 15k, 2:25
Stella Maris (Filipino - "Star of the Sea") 22k, 2:43 The Summons (J. Bell) 20k, 4:11
The Summons (J. Bell) - Full version 29k, 3:29 Sun and Shield (R. Merrifield) - Round 10k, 1:55
The Supper of the Lord 38k, 7:30 Surely It Is God Who Saves Me 9k, 2:13
Surely the Presence of the Lord 15k, 1:30 Surely the Presence of the Lord - SATB 21k, 3:32
Sweet By and By (In the) 41k, 3:50 Sweet Hour of Prayer 26k, 3:54
Sweet Peace of God 21k, 4:13 Sweet, Sweet Spirit 21k, 2:25
*1 Original composition by Bob Sorem (written in 1991) (More info)
*2 Original composition by Bob Sorem; Lyrics by Lorna Gray; Copyright(c) 2006
*3 Original composition by Bob Sorem (written in 2009 for US Air Flight 1549)
*4 Original composition by Bob Sorem (2008); Lyrics by Lorna Gray; Copyright(c) 2007
*5 Original composition by Bob Sorem; Lyrics by Lorna Gray; Copyright(c) 2005;
(All but the first and last verses have spoken lyrics)
*6 Original composition and lyrics by Lorna Gray; Copyright(c) 2012;
Harmonization by Bob Sorem
*7 Original composition by Bob Sorem (2013); Lyrics by Lorna Gray; Copyright(c) 2010

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