Bob's Picture Page

[Last Update: 02 July 2020]
Camera Here are some pictures that I have collected over time. Some are amusing, some astounding, some just mildly interesting to boring. Whatever the case, I have posted them so that I may direct others here to see them. Camera

Cute Kitty Awwwwwwww -- isn't the kitty just so CUTE?
Earth View of Earth from space; BEAUTIFUL!
Fat Cat Is this the BIGGEST domestic cat you have ever seen?
Free Cat? Here is an ad for a free cat -- or an alternative.
Frog Choir You think *your* choir sounds bad?
Galaxy Galaxy NGC-4414 (from Hubble Space Telescope, I think).
Gasoline Crisis We knew gasoline was getting expensive!
Hoover Dam A couple views of Hoover Dam (Nevada/Arizona).
Minneapolis/St. Paul The Twin Cities in Minnesota as seen from the space shuttle.
Minnesota Spring Ah, springtime in Minnesota (maybe your state, too).
Outer Planets These planets need not worry about global warming for awhile.
Red Car Mid-life crisis time??
Steam Locomotives A dozen shots from a bygone era ...

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