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Hoover Dam

[Last Update: 03 August 2018]
Here are a couple of pictures of Hoover Dam.

Hoover Dam-1
This is a distant shot looking up the Colorado River.
Once known as Boulder Dam because the original site was to be Boulder Canyon (it is in Black Canyon). One side of the dam is in Nevada (left) and the other is in Arizona (right) -- two different time zones. The dam is only about 30 miles from Las Vegas and worth a trip to see (IMHO)! That's Lake Mead behind the dam. Yes, that is a road (U.S. Route 93) you see winding around (it goes across the dam, or at least it did when this picture was taken; there is a new bridge now). If you like "rugged" beauty, this is the place to see!

Hoover Dam-2
A close shot of the top of the face of the dam.
Lake Mead is formed behind the dam. You can see one water intake tower (for the electric generators).

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