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The Outer Planets

[Last Update: 13 July 2001]
These planets should not need to worry about global warming for quite some time! They are the six planets in our solar system farther from the sun than Earth. All images except that of Pluto were taken from NASA spacecraft. Pluto's image is from the Hubble Space Telescope (HST). Of course, now they say Pluto is not even a planet. Ho-hum.

Here is our neighbor as we move away from the sun: Mars.
We once thought there were canals on its surface.

And the BIG BOSS of our solar system: Jupiter.
It has rings and LOTS of moons. Galileo discovered the four largest moons.

We used to think it was the only planet with rings: Saturn.
Talk about moons! Saturn now appears to be the king in that category.

However you pronounce it, it's mostly a big gas bag: Uranus.
More jokes have been made about this poor planet than any other!

A smaller, differently-colored gas bag: Neptune.
Cold, a long distance from us. And sometimes it is the ninth planet.

Finally, the tiniest and most distant: Pluto.
Is Pluto a planet or an asteroid? Pluto and its moon Charon have nearly the same mass, and therefore orbit each other around a point between them. Sometimes Pluto is the eighth planet because its odd, very elliptical orbit crosses Neptune's orbit.

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