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Hymn-type MIDI Sequences (Titles T-Z)

[Last Update: 30 December 2017]
These are hymn-type MIDI sequences that I have done. Some of these might not be strictly considered hymns, but I had to group them somewhere! Also note that Christmas-type songs are on a separate page. The approximate file size and playing time is shown for each. If you have the appropriate browser plug-in, you can just click on the link to play the song.
NOTE: These songs are for personal enjoyment only and are not for commercial use. You have my permission to use them in any non-commercial fashion as long as I am credited with the sequence, and in the case of original compositions, credited for that.

If you want to use any of these sequences, please download them rather than linking to them here, as these pages may be reorganized at any time.
Hymn-type MIDI sequences (T-Z):
Table of Plenty 24k, 3:35 Table of Plenty - SA 27k, 3:36
Take and Eat (M. Joncas) 40k, 6:26 Take, Lord, Receive (J. Foley) 17k, 4:38
Take Me Home (D. Haas) 37k, 4:13 Take the Word of God with You (C. Walker) 20k, 2:14
Take Time to Be Holy 18k, 2:38 Take Up Your Cross 16k, 3:49
Tanging Alay Ko (Filipino Hymn) 21k, 3:38 Taste and See (J. Moore) 22k, 5:01
Taste and See (J. Moore) - Incl. Fraction Rite 38k, 8:35 Taste and See (J. Moore) - Responsorial 27k, 5:43
Teach Me O God (C. Walker) 63k, 5:10 Teach Me to Stop and Listen 7k, 1:53
The Tears of God (C. Landry) 36k, 5:05 Tell Me of My Intercessor *6 27k, 4:24
Tell Me the Stories of Jesus 10k, 1:38 Tell Me the Story of Jesus (Crosby/Sweney) 21k, 3:26
Ten Thousand Angels (F. Bock arr.) 18k, 3:10 Ten Thousand Angels (traditional arr.) 20k, 2:52
Thank God for Kids 15k, 2:27 Thank You Lord 46k, 5:51
Then Love Fills My Heart *7 25k, 4:40 Then Sings My Soul 85k, 4:16
There Is a Fountain Filled with Blood 24k, 3:34 There Is a Longing 19k, 4:20
There Is a Place 31k, 5:31 There Is a Redeemer 66k, 3:29
There Stood Jesus 29k, 3:17 There's Still My Joy 18k, 3:07
They'll Know We Are Christians 16k, 2:48 Thine Is the Glory 24k, 2:54
This Alone (T. Manion) 23k, 5:29 This Alone (T. Manion) - SATB 25k, 5:31
This Bread That We Share 28k, 4:54 This Day God Gives Me 17k, 3:21
This Day Was Made by the Lord (C. Walker) 24k, 2:55 This Day Was Made by the Lord (C. Walker) - SAB 25k, 2:18
This Is My Example 58k, 9:18 This Is My Father's World 17k, 1:58
This Is the Day (M. Joncas) 15k, 2:06 This Is the Day (T. Kendzia) 28k, 3:20
This Is the Feast 18k, 3:17 This Joyful Eastertide 25k, 2:53
This Our Joy and This Our Feast 25k, 3:30 Thou Art the Christ, O Lord 13k, 2:20
Though the Mountains May Fall (D. Schutte) 27k, 3:54 'Til the Storm Passes By 21k, 2:44
Tinapay ng Buhay (Filipino Hymn) 30k, 2:57 To Be Your Bread 19k, 4:40
To God Be the Glory 21k, 2:44 To You, O God (M. Haugen) 23k, 3:26
To You, O God, I Lift Up My Soul (B. Hurd) 26k, 3:00 To You, O God, I Lift Up My Soul (B. Hurd)-SATB 28k, 2:58
To You, O Lord (M. Joncas) 20k, 2:49 Too Soon Have You Gone *5 21k, 3:14
Total Praise 24k, 3:14 Trust in the Lord with All Your Heart 56k, 3:34
Turn to Me (J. Foley) 17k, 5:19 Turn to Me (J. Foley) - SATB 24k, 5:05
Turn to the Living God 24k, 5:31 Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus 18k, 3:08
Unang Alay (Filipino Hymn) 25k, 4:57 Unfailing Love 27k, 3:16
Unfold, Ye Portals 64k, 3:55 The Unity Candle Song 6k, 1:21
The Unknown God Revealed *1 13k, 2:10 Until Then 20k, 3:41
Victory in Jesus 23k, 3:47 Wake, Awake, for Night Is Flying 22k, 3:24
Walk On, O People of God 19k, 2:51 Wash, O God, Our Sons and Daughters 14k, 2:31
The Ways of God 20k, 3:51 We Are Called (D. Haas) 28k, 4:24
We Are Called (R. Merrifield) - Organ 25k, 2:42 We Are Called (R. Merrifield) - Piano 21k, 2:42
We Are Free (R. Merrifield) 19k, 3:22 We Are Marching in the Light of God 25k, 2:16
We Come to Ask Forgiveness 15k, 2:57 We Gather Together 15k, 1:50
We Give You Thanks 41k, 4:06 We Have Been Told (D. Haas) 32k, 4:11
We Remember (M. Haugen) 51k, 7:35 We Remember (R. Merrifield) 18k, 3:22
We Remember You 22k, 3:06 We Serve a God (R. Merrifield) 18k, 2:26
We Walk by Faith 21k, 2:37 We're the King's Kids (R. Merrifield) 11k, 1:30
Were You There 25k, 5:44 What a Day That Will Be 17k, 2:37
What a Healing Jesus 22k, 3:44 What You Are 21k, 1:50
When I Survey the Wondrous Cross (O Waly Waly) 30k, 4:06 When I Survey the Wondrous Cross 16k, 3:02
When I Survey the Wondrous Cross-arr. F. Mallory 23k, 3:14 When Jesus the Healer Passed Through Galilee 15k, 2:00
When Love Is Found 23k, 4:41 When Morning Gilds the Skies 11k, 2:07
When the Saints Go Marching In 21k, 2:28 Where Charity and Love Prevail 14k, 2:12
Where There Is Love 21k, 3:42 Where Your Treasure Is (M. Haugen) 31k, 4:29
Where Your Treasure Is (M. Haugen) - added bass 33k, 4:28 Wherever You Go 17k, 4:09
Whispering Hope 23k, 4:01 Who Am I? 22k, 3:55
Who May Ascend? 12k, 1:23 Who Will Stand with Jesus? *4 24k, 3:42
With One Voice 78k, 4:09 With the Lord (M. Joncas) 17k, 2:16
With the Lord There Is Mercy (T. Smith) 20k, 4:07 With You by My Side 32k, 3:37
Without Him 11k, 2:02 Wonderful, Merciful Savior 31k, 3:59
Won't It Be Wonderful There? 24k, 2:28 The Word of the Lord (R. Merrifield) 14k, 1:41
Worthy Is the Lamb 58k, 4:17 Worthy is the Lamb (R. Manalo) 35k, 3:59
Worthy of Our Praise (R. Merrifield) 13k, 2:18 A Wreath of Lilacs (no narrative) *2 17k, 3:37
Ye Servants of God 20k, 2:20 Ye Sons and Daughters (R. Debruyn)-8 vs. doubled 22k, 3:04
Ye Sons and Daughters (R. Debruyn)-9 vs. 30k, 3:58 Yes, All Is New *3 16k, 3:46
You Alone Are God 59k, 5:16 You Are All That I Need 59k, 4:08
You Are All We Have (F. O'Brien) 25k, 3:35 You Are Mine (D. Haas) 23k, 3:52
You Are Mine (D. Haas) - SA 25k, 3:50 You Are My Shepherd (Z. Stachowski) 31k, 4:36
You Are My Shepherd (D. Haas) 27k, 4:41 You Are My Shepherd (R. Merrifield) 12k, 1:24
You Are Near (D. Schutte) 22k, 5:47 You Are the Song 57k, 3:44
You Are There 45k, 5:04 You Are Our Living Bread (M. Joncas) 19k, 2:25
You Raise Me Up (with Be Still, My Soul) 56k, 4:51 You Satisfy the Hungry Heart 13k, 2:49
Your Song of Love 20k, 4:14 Your Song of Love - SATB 19k, 4:12
Yours Is the Day 19k, 2:41 __ __
*1 An original composition by Bob Sorem (written when I was about 14)
*2 Original composition by Bob Sorem; Lyrics by Dianne Gauger; Copyright(c) 2004
*3 Original composition by Bob Sorem; Lyrics by Lorna Gray; Copyright(c) 2009
*4 Original composition by Bob Sorem; Lyrics by Lorna Gray; Copyright(c) 2011
*5 Original composition (words and music) by Bob Sorem; Copyright(c) 2011
Written in remembrance of a fallen High School classmate (Kristi)
*6 Music by John R. Sweney, 1880; Orignal lyrics ("Tell me the Story of Jesus")
by Fanny Crosby, 1880; These lyrics by Lorna Gray; Copyright(c) 2008
*7 Original composition by Bob Sorem; Lyrics by Lorna Gray; Copyright(c) 2014

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