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[Last Update: 02 July 2020]
Video Camera Here are some videos that I have collected over time, or produced myself. Various subjects. I have posted them so that I may direct others here to see them.

Clicking on a link should open a new tab (or possibly a new page). If your browser does not directly support the video file type, you can download the file by right-clicking on the link. I will try to convert everything to MP4 format (seems to be supported by the Edge, Firefox, and Chrome browsers, and perhaps others, like Safari), but these are nearly twice the size of the WMV files that many were converted from. If a format is not supported in your browser and you left-click on a link, you may be asked if you want to save the file (or possibly open/run it with an external program).
Video Camera

Big Boy Loco Union Pacific Big Boy steam loco 4014 rumbles through Minnesota, July 17, 2019 - 23 MB MP4 *
Fireworks Blaine, Minnesota, fireworks, July 4, 2008 - 18 MB MP4
Usain Bolt 2008 Olympics - Usain Bolt shows his stuff! - 15 MB MP4
Model Rocket Mishap Model rocket has a mind of its own - 2.8 MB MP4
Russian AN-225 Possibly the world's largest airplane (Antonov AN-225) taxis and takes off from MSP airport - 20 MB MP4
Truckers Stop Fleeing Driver Outlaw driver discovers that size DOES matter sometimes - 10 MB MP4

* Here is a YouTube link for a video taken from the other side of the train by another person, but in the same area as I shot mine. Opens in new tab:
YouTube Link to Big Boy Video

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