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Some Steam Locomotives

[Last Update: 02 July 2020]
Picture from July 2002

Jul Loco
The last passenger train on the famous narrow-gauge Rio Grande Southern Railroad crosses Ophir Trestle on September 2, 1951.
In the background is the "town" of Ophir, Colorado, an area separated on both sides by high wooden trestles. This trip was sponsored by the Rocky Mountain Railroad Club. The locomotive is the 20, a 2-8-0 purchased second-hand from the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad a few years earlier.

*** This is a correction to the text above, sent to me by F.M.

This is not the last passenger train but a chartered excursion train.
That is not the town of Ophir in the background; the town is located
about a mile up the canyon. It is near the Ophir Depot. The trestle
does not separate anything except the trees around it. This is not
loco 20, which is a 4-6-0, but is loco 74 which is a 2-8-0. It was
not purchased from the D&RG but from the C&S.

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