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[Last Update: 01 January 2023]
Misc Songs These are "miscellaneous" MIDI sequences (and associated MP3 recordings and lyrics) that I have done. The approximate playing time and file size links are shown for each song, along with a TXT link for the lyrics. If your browser can handle the file type (.mid/.mp3/.txt), MIDI files and MP3 files are now selected with a click on the displayed file size, and the lyrics with a click on the word TXT (a simple text file). To save a file to your local machine, right-click on a link. Misc Songs
NOTE: These songs are for personal enjoyment only and are not for commercial use. You have my permission to use them in any non-commercial fashion as long as I am credited with the sequence, and in the case of original compositions, credited for that.

If you want to use any of these files, please download them rather than linking to them here, as these pages may be reorganized at any time.
Miscellaneous MIDI/MP3/Lyrics:
America the Beautiful 2:13 11k 2.1M TXT American Patrol 2:45 44k 2.6M TXT
Anchors Aweigh 1:38 21k 1.6M TXT Australia, My Country *5 2:46 17k 2.7M TXT
Autumn Leaves 3:14 22k 3.1M TXT The Beautiful Dishwasher (Magic Organ) 2:37 15k 2.5M TXT
Beautiful Ohio 3:05 14k 3.0M TXT The Big Rock Candy Mountain 2:02 19k 2.0M TXT
Bless the Beasts and the Children 2:42 9k 2.6M TXT Brother, Can You Spare a Dime? 1:20 11k 1.3M TXT
Calcutta 1:53 19k 1.8M TXT Calcutta (Lawrence Welk Style) 2:37 53k 2.5M TXT
Canadian Sunset 2:45 17k 2.6M TXT The Carnival Is Over (The Seekers) 2:53 29k 2.8M TXT
Carolina Moon 2:04 12k 2.0M TXT Charade 2:31 26k 2.4M TXT
City Lights 2:42 26k 2.6M TXT Color My World 2:57 10k 2.8M TXT
The Cruel War 1:56 8k 1.8M TXT Deep Purple 2:51 19k 2.7M TXT
Do Re Mi 2:43 27k 2.6M TXT Down in the Valley 4:44 39k 4.6M TXT
Druscilla Penny 2:17 15k 2.2M TXT Even Now (Nana Mouskouri) 3:42 21k 3.6M TXT
Everything That Glitters (Is Not Gold) 4:50 27k 4.6M TXT "Exodus" Theme 2:41 13k 4.0M TXT
Flat Baroque 1:46 13k 1.7M TXT Go Rest High on That Mountain (V. Gill) 5:05 19k 4.9M TXT
Grace and Beauty (Rag) 2:39 42k 2.5M TXT Guantanamo Sunrise *6 5:07 24k 4.9M TXT
Hallelujah Chorus (from "The Messiah") 5:17 54k 5.1M TXT Harbor Lights 2:38 18k 2.5M TXT
Home Town Band 2:16 30k 2.2M TXT The Homecoming 2:24 12k 2.3M TXT
I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen 4:27 25k 4.3M TXT In the Good Old Summertime 2:49 25k 2.7M TXT
Ivory Tower 2:41 14k 2.6M TXT Java (a la Al Hirt) 2:01 15k 2.0M TXT
Loch Lomond 3:22 26k 3.2M TXT Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel) 3:19 23k 3.2M TXT
The Maelstrom (Robert W. Smith) 5:08 123k 4.8M TXT Maple Leaf Rag 2:41 35k 2.6M TXT
The March of the Ten-Pins *1 0:55 8k 0.9M TXT Minnesota Merengue *3 2:12 16k 2.1M TXT
Minuet in G Major 1:41 4k 1.6M TXT Minnesota Hail to Thee 1:41 10k 1.7M TXT
Minnesota Rouser 0:50 12k 0.8M TXT Mockingbird Hill 2:33 18k 2.5M TXT
Moments to Remember 2:23 10k 2.3M TXT My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean 2:07 11k 2.0M TXT
My Happiness 2:31 20k 2.4M TXT My Melody of Love 2:14 23k 2.2M TXT
My Melody of Love (w/embedded lyrics) 2:15 26k 2.2M TXT The Nutmeggers [March] (E. Osterling) 2:52 54k 2.7M TXT
The Old Lamplighter 3:17 25k 3.1M TXT Over the Rainbow 5:16 24k 5.1M TXT
(Una) Paloma Blanca 3:25 50k 3.3M TXT Patricia 2:34 22k 2.5M TXT
Penny Serenade 2:30 17k 2.4M TXT Prelude and Fugue No. 1 in C Major (Bach) 4:05 18k 3.9M TXT
The Reflection Rag (S. Joplin) 3:41 30k 3.6M TXT Sail Along, Silv'ry Moon 2:32 15k 2.4M TXT
The Searchlight Rag (S. Joplin) 2:59 46k 2.9M TXT Shaving Cream 2:56 22k 2.9M TXT
Sink the Bismarck 3:06 23k 3.0M TXT Sioux City Sue 2:40 20k 2.6M TXT
Smile 3:29 20k 3.4M TXT Snowbird 2:06 17k 2.0M TXT
Somebody's Knockin' 2:49 22k 2.7M TXT Soul Inside Out *2 2:12 8k 2.1M TXT
The Star Spangled Banner 1:05 11k 1.0M TXT The Star Spangled Banner (a la Josh Groban) 2:04 23k 2.0M TXT
Storm King (high school fight song) *4 1:02 16k 1.0M TXT Street Fair 2:04 25k 2.0M TXT
Sunrise, Sunset 3:38 25k 3.5M TXT Sur Les Bateaux Mouche 2:01 17k 2.0M TXT
Take Me Home Country Roads 2:46 13k 2.7M TXT Thank You Soldiers 2:48 17k 2.7M TXT
Their Hearts Were Full of Spring 1:43 5k 1.6M TXT Theme from "Sue Thomas, F.B.Eye" (Closing Cred) 0:29 2k 0.5M TXT
This Land Is Your Land 1:27 10k 1.4M TXT The Three Bells 3:20 15k 3.2M TXT
Three Stars 3:12 79k 3.1M TXT Theme from "Kentucky Jones" 1:32 7k 1.5M TXT
Theme from "Tom Jones" 0:40 4k 0.6M TXT Through the Arbor 3:11 11k 3.0M TXT
Twenty-six Miles across the Sea (Santa Catalina) 2:33 19k 2.5M TXT Waltz in C# minor - Chopin - Op 64, No 2 3:25 17k 3.3M TXT
Washington Square 2:02 13k 2.0M TXT Where Did the Good Times Go? 2:47 12k 2.7M TXT
You Are My Miracle (R. Whittaker) 4:28 35k 4.3M TXT You Are the New Day 2:22 13k 2.3M TXT
*1 An original silly ditty by Bob Sorem (written when I was a teenager)
My sister Carol gave the song its name
*2 Another original composition by Bob Sorem (written in 2000).
*3 Another original composition by Bob Sorem (written in 1990s)
*4 One of the fight songs from Northfield (MN) High School
*5 Original composition by Bob Sorem; Lyrics by Lenore Thornford; Copyright(c) 2007
*6 Another original composition by Bob Sorem (written about 1973)

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