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Hymn-type MIDI/MP3/Lyrics (Titles A-E)

[Last Update: 01 January 2023]
These are "hymn-type" MIDI sequences (and associated MP3 recordings and lyrics) that I have done. These titles begin with the letters A through E. The approximate playing time and file size links are shown for each song, along with a TXT link for the lyrics. If your browser can handle the file type (.mid/.mp3/.txt), MIDI files and MP3 files are now selected with a click on the displayed file size, and the lyrics with a click on the word TXT (a simple text file). To save a file to your local machine, right-click on a link.
NOTE: These songs are for personal enjoyment only and are not for commercial use. You have my permission to use them in any non-commercial fashion as long as I am credited with the sequence, and in the case of original compositions, credited for that.

If you want to use any of these files, please download them rather than linking to them here, as these pages may be reorganized at any time.
Hymn-type MIDI/MP3/Lyrics (A-E):
A Good Measure (R. Merrifield) 3:12 19k 3.1M TXT A Living Sacrifice 3:46 75k 3.6M TXT
A Mighty Fortress Is Our God 2:23 13k 2.3M TXT A Rightful Place 2:40 34k 2.6M TXT
A Voice Cries Out (M. Joncas) 3:20 19k 3.2M TXT Aba Ginoong Maria - Francisco (Filipino) 3:27 29k 3.3M TXT
Aba Ginoong Maria and Dakilang Tanda (Filipino) 4:59 25k 4.8M TXT Abide with Me 4:26 21k 4.2M TXT
Above All 4:40 19k 4.5M TXT Acclamations 2:57 24k 2.5M TXT
Adoration 2:51 25k 2.7M TXT After the Storm Is Over *2 3:12 26k 3.1M TXT
Age to Age 3:18 20k 3.2M TXT Agnus Dei (Georges Bizet) 3:37 17k 3.5M TXT
Ah, Holy Jesus 3:51 16k 3.7M TXT Alas! and Did My Savior Bleed 2:36 12k 2.5M TXT
All Are Welcome (M. Haugen) 4:26 27k 4.3M TXT All Authority (R. Merrifield) 5:47 27k 5.6M TXT
All Creatures of Our God and King 3:10 25k 3.1M TXT All Glory Be to God 5:43 95k 5.5M TXT
All Glory, Laud, and Honor 1:59 15k 1.9M TXT All I Ask of You 2:54 18k 2.8M TXT
All People (R. Merrifield) 4:38 22k 4.5M TXT All Shall Be Well 2:05 15k 2.0M TXT
All That Is Hidden 4:03 26k 3.9M TXT All That We Have 2:44 17k 2.6M TXT
All That We Have (SATB) 3:53 23k 3.8M TXT All Things Bright and Beautiful 1:38 8k 1.6M TXT
All Things Bright and Beautiful (L.B. Gray) 3:56 23k 3.8M TXT All Things Bright and Beautiful (SATB) 2:50 24k 2.7M TXT
Alle Alleluia ("general" verse) 1:21 14k 1.3M TXT Alleluia Acclamation - 1 Corinthians 5 0:52 5k 0.8M TXT
Alleluia Acclamation - John 6:51 0:48 3k 0.8M TXT Alleluia Acclamation - John 10:27 0:57 6k 0.9M TXT
Alleluia Acclamation - John 13:34 0:44 3k 0.7M TXT Alleluia Acclamation - Luke 15:18 1:08 3k 1.1M TXT
Alleluia Acclamation - Luke 7:16 0:48 4k 0.8M TXT Alleluia Acclamation - Thessalonians 5:18 0:44 3k 0.7M TXT
Alleluia, Alleluia 2:06 23k 2.0M TXT Alleluia! Christ Is Risen! 3:41 31k 3.6M TXT
Alleluia! Alleluia! Let the Holy Anthem Rise 1:51 18k 1.8M TXT Alleluia - Luke 3 0:54 6k 0.9M TXT
Alleluia - Misa Immaculada 1:12 13k 1.2M TXT Alleluia - Our Lady of Guadalupe 0:56 6k 0.9M TXT
Alleluia - Psalm 118 (P. Prochaska) 3:09 34k 3.0M TXT Alleluia! Sing to Jesus 4:09 30k 4.0M TXT
Alleluia! Sing to Jesus (N. Goemanne) 4:42 21k 4.5M TXT Almost Persuaded 2:00 10k 1.9M TXT
Alone with Him 2:35 20k 2.5M TXT Amazing Grace 1:27 7k 1.4M TXT
Amazing Grace (Bagpipes) 1:27 9k 1.4M TXT Amazing Grace! Eternal Life! 3:28 44k 3.4M TXT
Amazing Grace, How Sweet (R. Merrifield) 3:20 25k 3.2M TXT Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) - SAB 4:04 20k 3.9M TXT
And Can It Be That I Should Gain 5:49 33k 5.6M TXT Answer to the Call 3:34 60k 3.4M TXT
Are Ye Able 3:27 22k 3.3M TXT Around (R. Merrifield) 2:57 16k 2.8M TXT
As Christ Is for Us 4:19 30k 4.1M TXT As for Me and My House (R. Merrifield) 2:55 15k 2.8M TXT
As I Have Done for You 9:26 55k 9.1M TXT As I Lay down in Peace (R. Merrifield) 3:35 14k 3.4M TXT
As I Kneel before You 4:13 28k 4.1M TXT As Morning Breaks (Antiphon - M. Joncas) 3:04 12k 3.0M TXT
As the Deer 3:01 19k 2.9M TXT As the Deer - SATB 2:28 24k 2.4M TXT
As We Gather at Your Table (Nettleton) 2:29 26k 2.4M TXT As We Remember (R. Cooney) 14:15 66k 13.7M TXT
As We Walk On 2:23 16k 2.3M TXT The Ash Grove 2:44 22k 2.6M TXT
Ashes 2:52 17k 2.8M TXT Ask, Seek, Knock (R. Merrifield) 2:38 15k 2.5M TXT
At That First Eucharist 2:26 16k 2.3M TXT At the Name of Jesus (J. Cowan) 4:44 23k 4.5M TXT
At the Name of Jesus (Kings Weston) 3:47 26k 3.6M TXT At This Table We Are One (C. Landry) 3:41 32k 3.5M TXT
Ave Maria (Bach/Gounod) 4:59 24k 4.8M TXT Ave Maria (Bach/Gounod) - SATB 2:49 24k 2.7M TXT
Ave Maria di Caccini 5:26 49k 5.2M TXT Ave Maria (D. Kantor) 5:56 30k 5.7M TXT
Ave Maria (F. Biebl) - SAATTBB 5:44 33k 5.5M TXT Ave Maria (F. Ramirez) 3:12 12k 3.1M TXT
Ave Maria (Schubert) 3:57 24k 3.8M TXT Ave Maria (Schubert) - Duet 3:55 26k 3.8M TXT
Ave Verum (W.A. Mozart) 4:15 30k 4.0M TXT Ave Verum (Guilmant) 3:35 31k 3.1M TXT
Ave Verum Corpus (W.A. Mozart) - SATB 3:07 15k 3.0M TXT Awesome God 2:11 19k 3.8M TXT
Baptized in Water 2:17 23k 2.2M TXT Be Known to Us (Belmont) 1:00 7k 1.0M TXT
Be My Disciple (R. Merrifield) 4:17 24k 4.1M TXT Be Not Afraid 3:42 18k 3.6M TXT
Be Patient (R. Merrifield) 5:04 22k 4.9M TXT Be Still and Know 3:05 30k 3.0M TXT
Be Strong and Courageous (R. Merrifield) 2:39 16k 2.5M TXT Be Strong in the Lord (R. Merrifield) 2:41 21k 2.6M TXT
Be Thou My Vision 1:47 7k 1.7M TXT Be With Me Lord (M. Haugen) 2:00 8k 1.9M TXT
Be With Me Lord (M. Joncas) 3:38 19k 3.5M TXT Beatitudes 3:41 17k 3.5M TXT
Beautiful Savior (Choir - One Verse) 1:22 8k 1.3M TXT Beautiful, Terrible Cross/Near the Cross 3:53 25k 3.7M TXT
Because He Lives (S. DeFord) 6:38 43k 6.4M TXT Because He Lives (W. Gaither) 3:42 33k 3.5M TXT
Behold a Broken World (Tune: Kingsfold) 2:20 19k 2.3M TXT Behold a Broken World (Tune: Marsh Chapel) 1:48 11k 1.7M TXT
Behold a Host, Arrayed in White 3:58 26k 3.8M TXT Behold Our God 4:23 83k 4.2M TXT
Behold the Glory of God (R. O'Connor) 5:36 46k 5.4M TXT Behold the House of God 3:58 29k 3.8M TXT
Behold the Lamb! (P. Martin/L. Shackley) 4:34 70k 4.4M TXT Behold the Lamb of God (B. Dufford) 5:02 30k 4.8M TXT
Behold the Savior 4:58 32k 4.8M TXT Behold the Wood (D. Schutte) 7:38 37k 7.3M TXT
Beneath the Cross of Jesus 2:08 12k 2.1M TXT Beyond the Moon and Stars 6:22 42k 6.1M TXT
Bless This House 2:26 30k 2.4M TXT Blessed Assurance 2:04 14k 2.0M TXT
Blessed Assurance - SATB 2:30 21k 2.4M TXT Blessed Is the Man (R. Merrifield) 1:52 11k 1.8M TXT
Blessed Morning (Break of Day) - organ *1 6:39 29k 6.4M TXT Blessed Morning (Break of Day) - lite version *1 6:41 33k 6.4M TXT
Blest Are They 4:36 24k 4.4M TXT Blest Be the Lord 3:13 23k 3.1M TXT
Blest Be the Tie That Binds 2:13 11k 2.1M TXT Born to Wear a Crown (S. DeFord) 3:35 20k 3.4M TXT
Bread of Life (B. Fisher) 2:41 12k 2.6M TXT Bread of Life (R. Cooney) 4:48 21k 4.6M TXT
Bread for the World 4:05 19k 3.9M TXT But Seek First the Kingdom (R. Merrifield) 1:52 10k 1.8M TXT
By Faith and Not by Sight (Full Orchestration) 4:02 56k 3.9M TXT By My Side 1:57 8k 1.9M TXT
By the Waking of Our Hearts 6:06 29k 5.9M TXT By Your Abundant Love 1:46 15k 1.7M TXT
Call to Me (R. Merrifield) 2:41 13k 2.6M TXT Call to Remembrance 4:31 46k 4.4M TXT
Camina, Pueblo de Dios 2:51 19k 2.8M TXT Cantemos al Senor (Let's Sing unto the Lord) 1:27 9k 1.4M TXT
Canticle of the Sun 4:36 35k 4.4M TXT Canticle of Zachary (M. Joncas) 3:39 26k 3.5M TXT
Celtic Alleluia 1:06 10k 1.1M TXT Celtic Alleluia - Feast of Mary 1:12 14k 1.2M TXT
Change Our Hearts 4:08 21k 4.0M TXT Children of God 4:16 34k 4.1M TXT
Christ, Be Our Light (B. Farrell) 3:58 19k 3.8M TXT Christ Died for Us (R. Merrifield) 3:27 19k 3.3M TXT
Christ Has Risen from the Grave (R. Merrifield) 2:24 17k 2.3M TXT Christ in Me Arise 4:20 23k 4.2M TXT
Christ Is All I Need 2:39 14k 2.6M TXT Christ Is Made the Sure Foundation - SATB 3:54 24k 3.8M TXT
Christ Is the Lord of the Smallest Atom 1:52 21k 1.8M TXT Christ the Lord Is Risen Today (Tune #1) 2:28 29k 2.4M TXT
Christ the Lord Is Risen Today (Tune #2) 2:54 21k 2.8M TXT Christ the Lord Is Risen Today (Tune #3) 2:49 29k 2.7M TXT
Christians, Let Us Love One Another 5:57 39k 5.7M TXT Christians, Let Us Love One Another - SATB 4:31 25k 4.3M TXT
Christus Paradox 3:25 18k 3.3M TXT Christus Paradox - added orchestration 3:25 32k 3.3M TXT
The Church's One Foundation 2:10 21k 2.1M TXT The Church's One Foundation - SATB 5:19 47k 5.1M TXT
Circle Us, O God (C. Landry) 4:29 39k 4.3M TXT Circle Us, O God (C. Landry) - SATB 4:29 38k 4.3M TXT
City of God 3:46 28k 3.6M TXT Come and Be Joyful - SAB 2:04 27k 2.0M TXT
Come and Dine 1:58 24k 1.9M TXT Come and Follow Me (T. Franzak) 5:29 29k 5.2M TXT
Come and Journey with a Savior 2:18 13k 2.2M TXT Come As You Are 2:23 14k 2.3M TXT
Come, Christians, Join to Sing 1:56 13k 1.9M TXT Come, Come, Ye Saints 3:08 21k 3.0M TXT
Come Down, O Love Divine (Down Ampney) 3:58 24k 3.8M TXT Come Follow Me 3:25 59k 3.3M TXT
Come Holy Ghost, Creator Blest (R. Maurus) 3:03 23k 2.9M TXT Come, Holy Spirit (W. Gaither) 3:18 14k 3.2M TXT
Come Just As You Are 3:18 10k 3.1M TXT Come, O Thou Traveler Unknown 3:43 21k 3.6M TXT
Come Sunday (Duke Ellington) 2:12 11k 2.1M TXT Come, Taste and See (J. Becker) 5:10 36k 5.0M TXT
Come, Thou Almighty King 2:03 13k 2.0M TXT Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing 2:18 20k 2.2M TXT
Come to Me and Drink 5:56 29k 5.7M TXT Come to the Feast 4:33 37k 4.4M TXT
Come with Me into the Fields 2:29 10k 2.4M TXT Come, Worship the Lord (J.M. Talbot) 4:05 18k 3.9M TXT
Come, Worship the Lord (J.M. Talbot) - SATB 4:06 18k 3.9M TXT Come, Ye Disconsolate 2:01 11k 1.9M TXT
Communion Invitation - You Are Forgiven 3:45 34k 3.6M TXT Companions on the Journey 4:21 27k 4.2M TXT
Concertato on A Mighty Fortress (V. Nelhybel) 3;46 21k 3.6M TXT Concertato on "Easter Hymn" 4:33 32k 4.4M TXT
Concertato on Go to the World 3:27 30k 3.3M TXT Concertato on Immaculate Mary 5:24 22k 5.2M TXT
Concertato on O God Beyond All Praising 5:52 37k 5.6M TXT Concertato on When in Our Music God Is Glorified 3:00 19k 2.9M TXT
Confess Your Sins (R. Merrifield) 3:24 18k 3.3M TXT Constabt Refuge 2:30 14k 2.4M TXT
Covenant Hymn 4:52 31k 5.0M TXT Create in Me (R. Merrifield) 3:14 19k 3.1M TXT
The Crown of Life (R. Merrifield) 2:39 18k 2.6M TXT Crown Him with Many Crowns 3:19 25k 3.2M TXT
The Cry of the Poor (J. Foley) 3:23 17k 3.2M TXT The Cry of the Poor (J. Foley) - SATB 3:25 20k 3.3M TXT
The Cup of Life Outpoured (J. Cowan) 4:40 17k 4.4M TXT Dad's Lullaby (R. Merrifield) 2:44 11k 2.7M TXT
Day by Day (Berg/Ahnfelt) 3;52 11k 3.7M TXT Day Is Done, but Love Unfailing 2:24 13k 2.3M TXT
The Day You Gave Us, God, Is Ended 2:45 14k 2.6M TXT Days of Elijah 2:20 20k 2.2M TXT
Dear Lord and Father of Mankind 1:59 20k 1.9M TXT Dear Lord and Father (Repton) 2:45 18k 2.7M TXT
Deep Within (D. Haas) 4:22 30k 4.2M TXT Deep Within (D. Haas) - SATB 4:30 39k 4.3M TXT
Directions (R. Merrifield) 2:57 17k 2.8M TXT Divine Office - The Lord's Prayer 0:44 4k 0.7M TXT
Do Not Be Anxious (R. Merrifield) 2:59 17k 2.9M TXT Do Not Fear to Hope (R. Cooney) 7:38 49k 7.3M TXT
Does Jesus Care 3:31 29k 3.3M TXT Dona Nobis Pacem (M. Haugen) 3:31 21k 3.4M TXT
Draw Near! 4:30 29k 4.3M TXT Easter Song 2:30 19k 2.4M TXT
Easter Song (Full Orchestration) 3:15 95k 3.1M TXT Ecce Sacerdos 2:00 24k 1.9M TXT
Enter the Journey 2:46 26k 2.7M TXT Enter Through the Narrow Gate (R. Merrifield) 3:00 26k 2.9M TXT
Eternal Light (Kenny G) 2:30 8k 2.4M TXT Everlasting God 4:54 92k 4.7M TXT
Every Head Must Bow *3 2:26 14k 2.3M TXT Everything God Does (R. Merrifield) 4:08 19k 4.0M TXT
Everywhere I Go 2:27 18k 2.4M TXT Exalt the Lord (R. Merrifield) 4:09 17k 4.0M TXT
Exaltation 4:07 58k 4.0M TXT Eye Has Not Seen 5:01 60k 4.8M TXT
The Eyes and Hands of Christ 4:50 35k 4.7M TXT __ __ __ __ __
*1 Original composition by Bob Sorem; Lyrics by Lorna Gray; Copyright(c) 2004
*2 Music ("Speak to My Soul") by Leander Picket; Lyrics by Lorna Gray; Copyright (c) 2007
*3 Original composition by Bob Sorem (written in 2008)

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