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[Last Update: 03 August 2018]
Cribbage The link below points to a zip file which contains an executable file (CRIBBAGE.EXE) for PC's and an icon (CRIBBAGE.ICO) that can be used with the executable for a Windows(c) shortcut to it.

The executable (approx. 25k) is a fairly simple DOS text-mode rendition of the classic cribbage board/card game. It plays a fairly decent game of cribbage against one human opponent.

This was originally converted from a BASIC program before mice became common-place, so there is no mouse support, but it is easy to play using mostly cursor keys. This version requires you to add up your own score, and if you miss points, the computer will take them (muggins)! The only sound support is via the PC speaker.

To get the Cribbage ZIP file (approx. 15k), Click Here!!

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